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The Gutter: He’s No Harry Potter!

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Long before Harry Potter and the rest of the sorcerers of Hogwarts had cast their spell upon the muggles of the world another magnificently talented wizard reigned supreme.

This unparalleled mage conjured forth comic art that had the ability to transcend the fantasies of the reader’s imagination and their physical desires.

From his pen flowed more than ink for as the glistening fluid drawn from the black marrow of of his inner demons dried upon the bristol parchment, words and pictures formed that brought life to fantastic, sword-wielding, warrior women that were unmatched by none.

The wizard? Frank Thorne, of course!

Frank began his fabled comics career in 1948 creating comics for nearly every genre imaginable including romance, horror, war stories, adventure, fantasy and erotica.

Some of his early work was on such notable titles as Perry Mason, Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim and The Green Hornet.

Jungle Jim

In 1976 Frank met his muse in the form of the scarlet tressed she-devil with a sword, Red Sonja and his career would forever be redefined.

Click to see more of Frank Thornes Red Sonja covers

Frank’s vision of Red Sonja for Marvel was so tangible that it leapt from the pages of the comics onto the stages of comic book conventions where Frank, as Thenef the Wizard, choreographed a small army of Sonja avatars personified by the likes of Wendy Pini, Wendi Snow, Angelique Trouvere, Linda Behrle, and Dianne Dekelb.

Frank’s inspirations of the flesh lead to his creation of of other fantasy female characters such as Moonshine McJuggs for Playboy, Ghita of Alizarr for Fantagraphics Books, Lann for Heavy Metal and Danger Rangerette for National Lampoon and High Times.

Danger Rangerette, Lann And Ghita

In 1989 Comico published Frank Thorne’s Ribit! a comic that Frank confesses, “was born from the tailings of Moonshine McJugs, my Playboy comic, and the film treatment for the Ghita of Alizarr movie.”

The Ribit character is unique among all of Frank’s creations. She is smaller, leaner, meaner, and greener than any of his bikini-clad, hell-raising women and she is sure to slice her way into your heart.

Ribit! 1

But what makes her more special than any of Frank’s offerings is that you can find Ribit! updated weekly, right here at CO2 Comics the new internet home of the great wizard, himself, Frank Thorne!

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