Shia LaBeouf is Dangerous

Many of us have watched in amazement as Shia LaBeouf has exposed himself as the pretentious, self-absorbed, entitled, plagiarist that he is ever since he has been publicly called out for his direct swipe of Dan Clowes comic Justin M. Damiano which LaBeauf  adapted, uncredited and unauthorized into a short film titled

Further scrutiny has proven that there is little that LaBeouf has ever created that was not lifted from somewhere else. Even his apologies were swiped!

An incriminating list of LaBeouf’s transgressions can be found here.

LaBeouf went on the defensive in this interview with Rich Johnston declaring that, Authorship is Censorship seemingly championing the perspective of Creative Commons.

Now he has gone on the offensive by antagonizing Dan Clowes with more blatant plagiarism of his work.

LaBeouf’s actions are so extreme they reek of publicity stunt and have even been compared to performance art, but could they be something much more subversive?

While he mocks and trivializes plagiarism, piracy and copyright law, infuriating  copyright owners and creators, everywhere he is galvanizing a pro-copyright , anti-piracy sentiment that will empower the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), “a secretive, multi-national trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement.”

The TPP will crush the internet by restricting users’ freedom of speech and right to privacy and due process. It will limit creative innovation by stalling public domain transitions. Worst of all, it is a non-transparent manipulation by corporations to control intellectual property and end users in an effort to protect their own bottom line at the expense of personal and creative freedoms.

Shia LaBeouf is a very public and extreme example of what the TPP wants us all to believe they are protecting against. His actions and words play into their hands every time he is demonized by the press or by any one of us blogging or commenting against him.

It is time to maintain a rational perspective and pay close attention to the ramifications of the TPP. This agreement needs to be shut down the same way SOPA was and for the same reasons. Take the time to learn about and understand copyright law and its history. Learn about the virtues of public domain. Be concerned about your rights as an internet user. Above all maintain,  a perspective of moderation to avoid becoming an irrational extremist like LaBeouf.

Shia LeBeouf is dangerous if his ridiculous antics create an atmosphere that cost us all what we have come to enjoy and use as the greatest tool of expression in the history of the planet: the internet as we know it.  Don’t be fooled! His actions may be “more than meets the eye.”

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Gerry Giovinco

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20 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf is Dangerous”

  1. […] is why people  like Shia LaBeof feels it is his it is his right to plagiarize source material at will and mock the convention of […]

  2. If they are threatening even more draconian measures, I say bring it on. Shia is exactly what the world needs right now. My only concern is if he shows any sign of letting up, but still, he will have done his part. Stay the course, Shia. And articles like this are just gatekeeping. “Don’t rock the boat.” Slaves policing slaves. This article is the prisoner in the Stanford Experiment that kept the other prisoners in line.

    Although Shia did use a comic he admired as part of his script for a derivative work, there are greater problems than being copied. Now, we creators are expected by the legalist extremists that we must check to see if what we created independently has not been done before. That we must ask permission to create independently. This is patently ridiculous (pun intended). It has gotten so extreme, that even resemblance is derided by non-creators as “derivative”. This kind of thinking has to be outed as a logical error. Resemblance does not imply copying. Somewhere in this infinite universe are artists creating work very similar to ours, independently from us.

    Now I am going to watch a cartoon where “Madeline Hatter” has been trademarked. Very original.

    As for Shia, extreme violence requires an extreme response. You don’t see him threatening anyone physically for being creative, but you see Clowes doing that with his cease and desist letters, backed by the physical force of the corporate state.

  3. Jesse, I think you missed the point of the post. My concern is that attention that is being brought to Shia’s infractions and arrogant defense of them will inflame the exact “slave policing slave” mentality that you’ve described while garnering support for the restrictive copyright laws that will be amended into the TPP under the guise of anti-piracy. These new laws will heavily police how we use the internet and our ability to creatively share and parody works that drive our culture .

    Most of us can agree that a direct swipe of a work, which he has been nailed for on numerous occasions, is not ethically tolerable especially for commercial purposes, but creating a state where our casual expression regarding cultural works is rigorously policed and penalized is equally intolerable.

    As artists and art appreciating people we should not allow the pretentious actions of one self important buffoon to cloud our judgement regarding laws that will have more disastrous implications.

    I think that other than glorifying and defending Shia Lebeof as you seem want to do, we are on the same page.

  4. […] Bleeding Cool regularly hang infringers and plagiarists out to dry. We all remember what a mockery Shia LaBeouf became after his repeated plagiarisms. Marvel is no longer haunted by the perpetual public shaming […]

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