Introducing Dreamcraft

Dreamcraft is exactly that, a comic crafted from a dream that most creators have, to be the best.

Stan Lee, the godfather of the modern comic book, often explains that he changed his name while working in comics in order to preserve his given name, Stanley Martin Lieber, for when he fulfilled his dream of writing the great American novel. Little did Stan ever expect that there would be a day when one would dream of creating the great American graphic novel.

It may be presumptuous to anticipate that Dreamcraft may one day be considered among the great graphic novels of our time but as a co-publisher here at CO2 Comics I can only dream of it exceeding our expectations.

Craig Rippon, Sam Custodio and Bill Anderson

The first indication that Dreamcraft may be special is the creative team whose seamless blend of talents has Craig Rippon sharing writing duties with Sam Custodio and art chores with Bill Anderson.

Craig Rippon, journeyman comic artist for Milestone Media, Valiant, Charlton and Archie, executes the art with a clean, crisp, detailed and dynamic style of visual storytelling  that is complimented wonderfully by the creative skills of Bill Anderson who has been a favored inker of many in his thirty years in the industry and a favorite here at CO2 Comics since his earliest work on Skrog in the seminal days of Comico.

The story that drives the beautiful full-color art is equally compelling as Craig combines his writing prowess  with Sam Custodio, who has enjoyed a  twenty year career as an advertising copywriter capitalizing on his skills as  both a creative and critical writer. Sam’s nearly completed doctorate in American Literature assures us that the writing in Dreamcraft will be measured by the creative team against the best.

Dreamcraft captures the reader’s attention immediately and forces them to turn the page and beg for more deeply submersing the audience into a realm of a science fiction, fantasy thriller that will not only entertain but explore the moral, ethical and sociological challenges of the near future as exhibited by it’s brief synopsis:

“Dreamcraft futuristic neuron access technology enables a psychologist to enter the mind and psyche of his troubled patient – and inhabit the dreams therein – but when the subject is murdered, the doctor is trapped, and the limits of heaven and hell are tested, as two men share one death.”

Can Dreamcraft be the next great American graphic novel?

That is up to the audience to decide.

Dreamcraft is a work in progress and is being serialized weekly, here on CO2 Comics where it can be experienced page by page as it is created.

Read it.

Enjoy it.

Share it.

Let the creators and us know that you want more by showing your support so that when Dreamcraft becomes a completed and acclaimed project you can brag that you were a vital part of the fulfillment of a creative dream come true from the very beginning.

Now, proudly introducing,  Dreamcraft – “Behold the Dreamer Cometh

Gerry Giovinco

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