15 Year-Old, Indigo Anderson, is the Youngest Creator at CO2 Comics

Young Indigo Anderson is passionate about manga, anime, cosplay and making comics. That is why when her tenth grade AP World History teacher asked for a paper about the relationship between North and South Korea, she requested to do it as a comic.

Give plenty of credit to her teacher for allowing her the opportunity! The result titled North and South is a wonderfully succinct , heartfelt, eight-page insight to a piece of history that continues to impact the entire world even today. Indigo’s comic presentation that she rendered digitally with a Wacom Bamboo tablet and the Paint Tool Sai program is so eloquently executed that it belies her age.

The comic, delivered in a unique journalistic approach, not only deserved the top grade of 100 that it received as a school project but the attention of anyone interested in comics because it is clear that a significant talent is emerging into the field.

Indigo’s proud father, Bill Anderson, who has been a journeyman inker in the comics industry over the last thirty years, including his work on SKROG that appears right here at CO2 Comics, was unaware of the project until well after it was completed. His delighted post on his personal facebook page clearly established his bragging rights. Who wouldn’t want to be the proud parent of a child that they could pass forward the torch of their life’s work to with anticipation of a brilliant future?

Bill knows his daughter is passionate about making comics. He claims that if he and his wife did not force her away from her computer at times she would probably never eat, sleep, or study. This is a good measure of passion in a child. Parents should not find it necessary to force the child to practice or to struggle to maintain an interest or a regimen in an activity they are supposedly interested in. The passionate child is self motivated to the point of obsession and, though parental guidance and encouragement is always healthy, it is best to let the young enthusiast  explore their activity of choice with as much freedom as possible.

The result will be a budding phenom like Indigo who possesses a confidence in her talents that allows her to be constantly motivated to create. The ultimate beneficiary is the rest of us who will enjoy witnessing the results of her efforts.

CO2 Comics is delighted to have the opportunity to present Indigo’s work North and South as a featured comic on our site. To us it is important to acknowledge the exceptional ability of someone so young and to encourage her as much as possible to grow into the incredible talent that she is capable of becoming.

Creating any opportunity for her to achieve success as a comic creator is our contribution not only to her but to the industry and our culture.  That is our perspective about encouraging every young creator, especially one that is interested in this medium of comics that we are so passionate about ourselves.

Hopefully, presenting Indigo’s work here will not only stand as a celebration of her talents and her youth but also as a sign of encouragement to all youngsters with a passionate dream.  Indigo’s accomplishment is proof that dreams come alive when they are acted upon. It is one thing to dream. It is another to do. If you love making comics, make them. Make mistakes and learn. Let your passion be your motivation to seize every opportunity to create regardless of how old you are.


Be sure to take time to read Indigo’s comic and be inspired to act on your dreams. You are never too young or too old to start and if you are truly passionate it would kill you to stop doing what you love.

If you know someone who is passionate about doing anything take time to encourage their dreams. Your enthusiasm about their efforts is as important as their own motivation. Here are three other CO2 Comics posts about encouragement that may be inspiring.

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  1. Roger Green says:

    This is cool. And Bill IS very proud.

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