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The first Saturday in May has become an major holiday for comic book retailers around the world! Free Comic Book Day has been described as “Christmas” for comic book fans because it is the one day of the year that anyone can go to a comic book shop and get comics for FREE! This successful marketing bonanza is highly regarded as a great way to get new people into comic shops and introduce them to comic books.

What a great idea! Who can pass up getting anything for FREE?!!!

But why waste such a tremendous idea on only one lousy day each year? Why waste the other 364 days having to dole out hard earned cash for your comic fix?

What if you could get FREE COMICS EVERY DAY? Just the idea of it makes your head want to explode; doesn’t it?

Well hang on to your jockey shorts, boxers, panties and thongs because FREE COMICS EVERY DAY have been right at your fingertips all along!

Go ahead, type it in:… and poof! Off you go to a magical place where comics are FREE every day at right here at CO2 COMICS! No Waiting! No Marking your calendar! No standing in line hoping to get a freebie before it runs out!

FREE COMICS EVERY DAY!!! A dream come true for every comic fan! Check it out! Over a thousand pages of comics updated daily with new material!  Dozens of features by comic creators that have worked for every major comics publisher in the biz! Top notch comics!

And that’s not all!

There are blog posts, galore, covering tantalizing issues of history, technique, creator rights, ethics and observations that concern comic fans everywhere.


CO2 COMICS may just be the best kept secret in the industry! Now the cat is out of the bag! So what are you waiting for? Saturday?


Click on that colorful  FREE COMICS EVERY DAY banner and immerse yourself in a ton of great comics NOW!

Once you experience all the great FREE comics at CO2 COMICS you will want to be a HERO and share your dazzling find with all your friends on facebook, twitter and all the other social media outlets that everybody is hobnobbing at when they should be hanging at the dang-blasted, water cooler.

CO2 COMICS wants to be in your network too so don’t forget to click on all those colorful icons of your favorite social site.

All this FREE stuff has got to be making heads spin out there! Don’t worry you can spend some money if you have to!

CO2 COMICS and the creators on-board like to eat too so there is plenty product available that does require a price to pay. You can buy the three beautiful graphic novels Heaven and the Dead City, The Heavy Adventures of Captain Obese! and Ménage à Bughouse along with two volumes of David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW the Complete Collection all available in paperback and hardback editions.

If you want some swag you can get any of the four, ultra cool DEATH FATIGUE T-SHIRTS

Please, make it a point to visit links to creator sites, support their other projects and services and tell your friends to do so too.

So there you have it, FREE comics are a great marketing tool that allows everyone to be a winner when enjoyed properly!  We hope you do stop by your local comic shop on that first Saturday of May  and load up on some free comic books, just remember when you’re done to stop by CO2 COMICS and get your FREE COMICS EVERY DAY the rest of the year!

Making Comics Because We Want to,

Gerry Giovinco

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