Introducing a new Comic Feature: Mike Sgier’s Cid and Francis

Spring has sprung! The grass is once more turning green. Flowers are blooming and the leaves are budding on the trees.

Expect a new found empathy for the trees thanks of a new comic feature presented by CO2 Comics Serialized on a weekly basis, Cid and Francis, created by Mike Sgier, is a fantasy story deeply rooted in nature.

Cid is a wandering tree spirit that possesses great wisdom derived from him being as old as the hills themselves. His perspective of life is drawn from ancient experience and observation. Conversely, Francis is a young  gnome with restauranteur aspirations on his own mission to discover new recipes and himself in the process. Together they forge a bond of friendship that strengthens through their journey as they encounter humor, love and tragedy.

The strange world through which they travel is known as Vespers. It is filled with unexpected romances, friends, enemies and long forgotten creatures that provide plenty of opportunity for adventure for the two pals.

Creator, Mike Sgier, weaves a whimsical tale that is laden with a unique charm that makes this fantasy world an inviting and accessible place with strange characters that are oddly relatable. His textured yet simple drawings do a wonderful job of establishing a reality that is mysterious, earthy and timeless without being pretentious.

Cid and Francis will make you look at nature in a new way. Trees will suddenly have personalities that you were never aware of. They will have a sentient quality that will garner a new found respect. The wind through their leaves will become a twitter of laughter as you realize that nature is as amused by us as much as we are of it.

Spring, as always ushers in a new beginning as a dormant world awakens from the dead of winter. This year, Spring is special because it brings us a new creation from an obviously old soul.

Enjoy Cid and Francis and experience the wonder of something new that is bound to make an impression that will last a lifetime.

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Gerry Giovinco

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