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CO2 Comics proudly announces the immediate release of the second volume of David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW The Complete Collection.

That is right, Volume 2 is On Sale Now!

It can be purchased exclusively, through direct links to CO2 Comics’ Product Spotlight Page.

We at CO2 Comics are on a mission to preserve comics history one volume at a time. We are collecting the entire 150 issue run of David Anthony Kraft’s popular COMICS INTERVIEW magazine that exclusively featured interviews with everyone and anyone that was involved in the comics industry in any shape and form.

Originally published from 1983 to 1995, COMICS INTERVIEW gave voice to the comics industry at a pivotal time in its history. The magazine was able to provide insightful interviews with writers, artists and editors that were active in the earliest days of the industry as well as the young Turks whose careers since continue to shape the industry today.

Page by page, volume by volume, David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW The Complete Collection is an accurate, candid, and authoritative  perspective of the history of comics that comes directly from the mouths of the people that lived it.

Amazingly relevant to current issues that affect the industry today, every volume is a necessary source of vital information for anyone who wants a complete understanding of the comics industry today.

Planned as an eleven volume set, CO2 Comics is delivering David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW The Complete Collection one volume at a time. Previously released and currently available, the first volume, proved to be impressive. Featuring 680 pages of incredible content the huge book meticulously preserved issues 1-14 of the historic magazine, bound in either paperback or hard cover editions and reasonably priced at $34.99 and $54.99 respectively.

Volume 2 continues the tradition of excellence, delivering 688 pages that compile issues 15-28 and is immediately available for purchase direct to customers online through CO2 Comics’ Comics Interview portal, where, as an added bonus, sample interviews from over a dozen industry legends  can be reviewed.

Carl Macek Interview

Scott McCloud Interview

Flo Steinberg Interview

Bill Willingham Interview

As with volume 1, a Premier Edition featuring the classic Comics Interview logo will be available for just a limited time in both paperback and hardcover editions. Standard editions of both featuring the traditional Comics Interview logo are and will continue to be available for both Volume 1 and  Volume 2.


Comics Interview Volume 2 Premiere cover

David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW The Complete Collection is a massive and beautiful centerpiece intended for any comics library. Accumulated one volume at a time it continues the tradition of anticipation and fulfillment that is experienced by every comic collector. If you love comics, now is the time to begin your own collection of the greatest interviews in the history of comics. Order your copies today!

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