Death Fatigue

Death Fatigue (dth f-tg) n. Physical or mental weariness resulting from the repeated need of comic publishers and editors to kill popular superheroes in an effort to boost sales.

Death Fatigue is a syndrome that is gripping the readers of fine comic books all across the nation. Is there no end to the carnage that is being brought upon our favorite heroes by the editorial staffs of the biggest publishers in the comic industry.

Apparently no hero is safe from the onslaught of pure creative genius that is so unique and riveting that it has happened to nearly every major superhero at least once in his or her career. The stronger and more powerful a hero is the greater the odds are that that character will die at the hands of the most despicable, powerful and omnipotent adversary, the editor.

It is not  the super-villains that pose the greatest threat but the publishers that bring us the stories. How many times must Superman die to rise from the ashes? Jesus did it once and changed the course of human history! Superman is making a career of it has been followed by many a costume clad hero with a Christ complex.

Just in recent memory, Batman, Captain America and now Spider-man have made their journey to the Pearly Gates only to be turned away to fight another day. Enough already!

This stuff is laughable in soap operas. What makes it any less inane in comic books? These death events are nothing more than protracted cliff-hangers like the ones in old serial films.

“Is this the end of our hero?”
“Will our hero never ride again?”
“Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion!”

We all know what happens next. Our hero survives; bigger, stronger, wiser and a lot more profitable to his publisher.

If the publishers would put half as much energy into developing new and exciting properties as they put into figuring out how to kill and resurrect the old standards the readers might actually have something worth looking forward to.

If you are sick and tired of all this mindless slaughter then you are probably suffering from the same chronic Death Fatigue that I have.

The cure?

If you enjoy comics, broaden your horizon. Investigate other genres of the form. Experiment with titles from independent publishers. Check out exciting new comics on the web.

Do not mourn.

The death of your favorite character is symptomatic of a character that has enjoyed such a tremendously popular career and has been placed in almost every other possible scenario that exploring death is the only other option.

Your hero is in a better place…Market Repositioning.

You have the opportunity to impact that market repositioning by your response to the death of your hero. Let the publishers know what you think.
Now is your chance to be vocal, visible and influential.

You can start by showing your Death Fatigue and let the publishers know that you know this is all about the money.

Death Fatigue. It’s not fatal but it is fashionable!

Show your Death Fatigue today!

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3 Responses to “Death Fatigue”

  1. I liked it better when the entire “death” was one issue, like Superman #149.

    However, if the story is told well, such as “The Death of Superman”, then, yes, I don’t mind. Batman and Superman seem to have been well thought out, and actually have some ramification to later stories. They also have been used as springboards for new series and characters (Superboy, Steel, Batman Inc.).

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