The genius of CO2 Comics is revealed!

I knew it!

We are geniuses at CO2 Comics and the following video proves it!

Without knowing it we have built CO2 Comics on the proven fundamental basics of human motivation, Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose!
The beneficiaries of this is everyone.
CO2 benefits because we get to present tremendous comic art everyday on our site.
The creators benefit because they have the opportunity to be in control of their works, how they are created, presented,  packaged and sold.
The readers benefit because they get to experience great comics in the making that they would have never seen while reading the traditional formula fed comics.
The final result is what most of us folks that love comics have always felt was our purpose in life.
We are creating great comics for the world to see and, hey, we are doing it for FREE, yet out of that will come rewards that will exceed our expectation!

I just know it.

Gerry Giovinco

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3 Responses to “The genius of CO2 Comics is revealed!”

  1. Jenn Dolari says:

    I remember a comics panel I did for Trinoc*coN in 2004, about how the web had changed comics, and I was really surprised at how many people on the panel were pushing hard to make the web more like the standard comic biz.

    The folks on the panel were trying hard to say “here’s an avenue, where we can make money, and give you good comics. And I kept arguing form the side of “Wait, I make a good comic for free (well, donations), and don’t need an editor or a publisher. I have a following, and I’m happy to entertain my readers with a story I can tell without worrying about marketability, and hitting numbers.”

    They weren’t amused, and kept trying to ficus the pnal bakc to “pay sites are the best sites.” I’m happy to say I’m still around, after nine years, and they…well…they aren’t. 🙂

  2. Jenn Dolari says:

    “focus the panel back”

    Maybe I COULD use an editor or two. 😀

  3. Joe Williams says:

    Great stuff, Gerry! I hope to see more entries like this from you where you ponder or spout off about comics.

    This entry has really got me thinking. I’ll have to stew about it for a while and come up with something that sounds vaguely intelligent in response.

    I think it’s particularly true about the early days of the comics that are now multi-zillion dollar licensing bonanzas. Guys were cut loose to fill saddle-stitched newsprint booklets that sold for a dime. They were doing great work for what was considered a disposable medium.

    Now, thanks to the internet, we have a newsstand that never runs out of a particular comic, and the man behind the counter won’t chase you out for loitering. “You gonna buy that?!”

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