Finding Ginger Fox: Pop Star or Pop Art

Ginger Fox made her debut on Nickelodeon/TeenNick this past Friday, March 19, 2010.

This is not the smart, saavy, sexy Ginger Fox character created and written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Mitch O’Connell that graces the web pages of CO2 Comics in full, glorious color.

Nickelodeon’s Ginger Fox (Ginger Rosselin Cynthia Fox), played by actress  Betsy Rue, is a washed-up pop star trying to make a comeback. Her exploits were featured in an episode titled “iFix A Popstar” on the popular television show iCarly that stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly.

The show, which is aimed at young teens, broadcast this episode in which Carly and her friends attempt to help Ginger Fox resurrect her career but discover that the has-been star is a bona fied, uncouth idiot. The episode is an obvious parody of Britney Spears and her bungled 2007 MTV Music Awards performance.

Nickelodeon's Ginger Fox

In stark contrast the lead character in Baron/O’Connell’s The World of Ginger Fox is a determined, intelligent and stylish executive of a Hollywood film studio of the 1980’s.
The World of Ginger Fox was first published as a graphic novel by Comico Comics in 1987 and is now one of the many fine comic features that are updated weekly on CO2 Comics.

GINGER FOX Graphic Novel by Mike Baron and Mitch O'Connell

The introduction of Nick’s Ginger Fox character has generated a search engine buzz that has tracked down many women whose real name is actually Ginger Fox and has lead many young teens to the CO2 Comics site to find comic material that may be intended for a more mature audience.

Though there is material that is perfectly acceptable for young readers, especially those that are considered “young adults,” the general disclaimer on the site reads:
CO2 Comics is created by Adults for Adults. Some comics on this website contain subject matter that may not be appropriate for children.”

We do not consider any of the material on CO2 Comics to be obscene or gratuitous. There are enough mature themes found throughout the site, however, that warrant our position as responsible publishers to notify readers in advance.

This is a fine example of why parents should remain involved with their children’s experience on the internet. We hope that our efforts can support attentive parenting and lead to a positive comic reading experience for all.

CO2 Comics
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