YI SOON SHIN: Warrior and Defender
2010 Official Trailer

Check out the 2010 official trailer for YI SOON SHIN: WARRIOR AND DEFENDER!


YI SOON SHIN is currently being serialized on CO2 Comics and can be seen Here.


yi_soon_shin_comic1To purchase a printed copy of issue #1,
now on sale,
please contact Onrie Kompan.
Visit the official
YI SOON SHIN Warrior and Defender
website Here.

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2 Responses to “YI SOON SHIN: Warrior and Defender
2010 Official Trailer”

  1. Yuri Hong says:

    Wow… I realllllllly would like to hold the whole volume of the comic…. Just amazing! Something that my country is not even planning nor thought about. I knew one of the editors will visit Yi Soon Shin Festival and sell signed version of books. I live in New Zealand so I really could not visit there so I did not have any chance to get this book. Furthermore I do not have any credit cards so I cannot buy the book through internet and I am pretty sure my parents will not allow me to.
    Is there any way to buy these in New Zealand? And if possible, signed version? I am soooo keen to buy these!!

  2. co2admin says:

    You can refer to YI SOON SHIN’s official web page and contact the producer Onrie Kompan, directly

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