CO2 COMICS and HARMONY GOLD Celebrate ROBOTECH Anniversary at ZENKAIKON 2009


Chris Kalnick, Mike Leeke, Gerry Giovinco, Neil Vokes and Tommy Yune

This past weekend at Zenkaikon 2009 held in King of Prussia,
Pennsylvania, CO2 Comics and Harmony Gold USA collaborated
to reunite members of the Comico crew that first published
the ROBOTECH comic series.

25 years after the 1984 publication of Macross #1 which would
become ROBOTECH The Macross Saga with issue #2,
Comico and current CO2 publisher Gerry Giovinco along with artists,
Mike Leeke, Neil Vokes and Chris Kalnick, who all also feature work
on the CO2 Comics web site, gathered together as guests for a
ROBOTECH panel discussion hosted by Harmony Gold Creative Director, Tommy Yune.


Chris Kalnick, Mike Leeke, Gerry Giovinco and Neil Vokes

The panel focused on the past, present, and exciting future of the
ROBOTECH franchise with emphasis placed on the upcoming
ROBOTECH film to be produced by Warner Brothers.


Chris Kalnick, Neil Vokes, Lisa Hayes character, Gerry Giovinco, Mike Leeke and Tommy Yune

An estimated 9,000 attendees arrived to attend the Zenkaikon,
overwhelming the convention with with their huge array of
cosplay costuming.

Thanks to Harmony Gold and Zenkaikon.

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One Response to “CO2 COMICS and HARMONY GOLD Celebrate ROBOTECH Anniversary at ZENKAIKON 2009”

  1. Hi there!

    This is Kristyn Souder, the Head of Public Relations for Zenkaikon. Thanks for all your work to help us get the the Robotech reunion organized for Zenkaikon 2009! It as a great success.

    I just wanted to comment on one item in your post. In an interview with one of our volunteers, he was asked what he thought the attendance numbers were, and made a comment that it was “over 9000!” This was actually a joking reference to Dragonball Z, but it seems to have been accidentally taken as the actual attendance number at a number of locations on the internet. I can certainly understand the confusion, but just wanted to note that our actual attendance was 1988 unique paying attendees (not counting staff, guests, press, etc.)

    Zenkaikon is certainly growing rapidly, with over 180% attendance growth in the past two years, and I thank you for our part in it!


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