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Firemans Hall Museum

Firemans Hall Museum

Joe Williams is back at it again with an educational piece originally done for the Philadelphia Fireman’s Hall Museum located at 147 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA., to be displayed as wall murals. Hot Topics exploits the use of comics as a pure communication medium, using words and pictures to clearly educate and entertain young readers about the important subject of fire safety.
The lessons in this story are valuable and life saving!

We encourage you to send this link to parents, educators and firefighters that you know so that they can share it with their children and young members of their community. We promised that CO2 Comics would be devoted to exploring the medium of comics.

Fireman's Hall Exhibit

Joe & Tina's son Lloyd at the Fireman's Hall Exhibit

Hot Topic

Hot Topics

Joe’s works, Deadline and Hot Topics, which were both originally commissioned as marketing pieces, have been valuable examples of use of the medium outside the realm of traditional super hero or adventure stories. Looking towards the future we may find the need to create a category for this type of comic so that it may be signaled out as a viable use of the medium that is a marketable option for comic artists. Thanks Joe for the good stuff, now excuse me while I replace the batteries in my smoke detectors.

Gerry G.

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  1. Joe Williams says:

    Thanks, Gerry and Bill! It looks great, and thanks for the kind words!

  2. Not a problem Joe,
    The work does look great and I can’t wait to add your new project “MONKEY & BIRD” to the site.

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